Fyria's IC Fidgetings (urzketh) wrote,
Fyria's IC Fidgetings

VSD - Weyrlinghood

Day uhh...

Urk is big. V. big. 10 feet. Must remind him not to jump in my lap. Would be a v. Bad Thing. Sidramutnshtalth, or however one spells it, is bigger, however. Sooo not impressed. Urk still the cutest!

Dragons got into a tizzy today. Urk says they tried to catch a feline, and he grabbed Zhesteth's tail by accident. Go Urk! Zhesteth was not amused. Urk apologized profusely. Though secretly he still thinks Issryuith is the prettiest. Must have The Talk with him, once weyrlingmasters have The Talk with us. Foresee very long discussion, with many "Why?"s and "How?"s. I recall something about group participation with my Talk, but that is not the point.

Feeding time again. Too bad Urk didn't catch the feline.
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